Sustainability Reporting

The H-REIT Manager and HBT Trustee-Manager (collectively the "Managers") have been actively involved in developing our sustainability strategy for CDLHT. As asset owners, we focus our efforts on encouraging sustainable behaviour in regard to eco-efficiency, safety and staff development at our assets and supporting our various partners as best we can. For ourselves, we concentrate on staff development and regulatory compliance at the Managers. This report consists of our sustainability efforts throughout the year, including our targets which were formalised by the Managers, and reviewed by the H-REIT Manager Board and the HBT Trustee-Manager Board (jointly as "Managers' Boards"). The Managers' Boards are also responsible for the oversight of management and monitoring of CDLHT's material Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") factors.

As asset owners, we have varying levels of control over the daily operations at our assets. However, during 2018 the Managers have been increasing our engagement with the master-lessees and hotel managers at our assets. As a result, in our 2018 sustainability report, we have expanded our report scope to include our Singapore assets as well as some of our overseas portfolio as well.

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